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Barbus Classic Shaving Cream with Glycerin. ( New) Best Seller

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Shaving cream is suitable for all skin types. Glycerin softens and softens the skin. The whisker cream softens, facilitates shaving of the shaver and prevents irritation of the skin during shaving. Make the cream rich and evenly cover the moistened face and neck. Continue shaving as usual. Rinse skin thoroughly after shaving and apply a suitable aftershave to the skin 75 grams

 A cream is generally really soft and comes in either a tube or a tub. A cream is very soft and can be slightly viscous, which is why some are available in a tube, like a toothpaste tube. There are a few different ways to build a lather with a cream, depending on the type of container in which the cream comes. If the cream is in a tube, it can be applied directly to the brush, directly to the face, or placed in a bowl. it can create a great lather and a great experience


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